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This page is going to Hold the Investigations that I go on. If you live in Michigan and want to go on a Ghost Hunt send me email. I'm working on some places to go that are known to have spirit energy on the site.

Seems to me that the ones that say that they'll go as a witness are just plain FOS. I'll be getting a Digital Camera soon so I won't have to have anyone else along unless they just want to come to see for them selfs. It gets a little old when people tell you that they'll bring certain items along and they don't show don't call nothing.

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We got a upcoming ghost hunt again at the Eloise Cemetery. If you'd like to attend email me. I'll get back with you with the time and all, also what you should bring.

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Okay the first hunt went off last night. Took just myself again because nobody else decided to join in last night and I've told them already. But I took along my trusty camera and what not and took a lot of pictures tried the EVP got no answers. Was thinking that I should try some place that is even more haunted the next time. I stayed out until midnight last night trying to get something to come out of the woodwork for me. But I think that the next place I go will be Butler Cemetery I'm sure that I should get something there anyways :).

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New Hunt this coming Monday Aug. 20, 2001 as far as I know there is only two of us going so we're not going to far out either we're going to go to Eloise Cemetery or Butler Cemetery. That is still up in the air I just put Eloise on the Gear on the front page so that everyone would know about where we we're off to anyways. You never know we might just go to both places. It's nice now that I've got the digital camera because you'll soon see a picture of DeathDragon on the site. Ok well as always if you'd like to join us on a ghost hunt feel free to email me and I'll get right back to you as soon as I recieve it!

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08/27/2001 - Location William Ganong Cemetery (Butler)

Arrival Time: 21:45 - Hunt Begins now!
Attending People:

First few pictures didn't look like anything was in them. When I first started looking around there didn't seem to be as much activity as the first time we were there but then things started picking up. We were having feeling that we were being watched by something or someone. I was just taking a lot of pictures (59) to be exact and it was amazing at how many different sizes and colors of Orbs there really are. I caught some very nice looking orbs and some mists on the camera too. Then around 22:40 I handed the camera off to Deathdragon and had him to take pictures of me when I was squatted down next to some markers. I moved around quite a bit also just so not to stay still to long anyways. I'm learning a lot of things as I continue these Investigations, like never stick around when you start hearing things growling and what not. We've got to get ahold of a good Digital Tape Recorder or someone that has one to join our little group. We also need to get a video person for the group also. We'd love to have a lot more people to join with us as only two of us that are full time always attend. As soon as some of the others get it together they'll be doing it full time also just that there are other things holding them back as of now. If you want to join just say the word we'll get together and talk :)

Encounter with the unknown at Butler Cemetery. I'm not totally sure what it was but I didn't have a tape recorder with me at the time. It was about 2a and I was around the center of the cemetery looking toward Henry Ruff Rd. I kept hearing something behind me, when I turned around there wasn't anything there. I couldn't make out what it was saying or the noise I was hearing anyhow. I'm looking for answers, because when I go back there is no telling what I'm going to find or maybe bring home. I'd like to get a sizable party to go there armed with standard 35mm, video camera, tape recorder, compass. What ever anyone else would like to bring along with them. I always take a note pad, and camera and when I can get my hands on a tape recorder I take that also.

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August 19,2001 - Well me and Deathdragon went out tonight also even though he has to be up in a few hours to go to work! The hunt began at 21:23.44 tonight and well the first few pictures where fine. But I came across this one of when I was looking direct on at a door and when I blew the photo up I saw the face of a Man in the door! It kinda blew me away when I uploaded the photo because I wasn't really expecting it to be there. I've posted the photo on the Photo Gallery (Ghost) page it is really weird because you can see 3 lights so I blew them up to see what they were and that was when I discovered that there was a face in the door also! Well if I'm going to get these photo's uploaded I better get on it so that I can get some sleep <G>.

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August 20, 2001 - Went to Butler Cemetery tonight. We drove in and parked the car got out and proceded to start taking pictures. I'm not sure how many Pictures I took but when I loaded them into my system there was so many Orbs and Mist that it's not funny! I was looking through the pictures tonight just through the camera and could see that in some of the pictures I had taken there were more than 30 orbs in them. That isn't to mention all the mists that were rising out of the ground! Then something started squawling and then it sounded like growling. At this point we decided that it would be best if we left it could have been a wild animal but we're unsure of what it was. I didn't have a tape recorder to tape the strange noises we heard the whole time that we were there. There is many possibilities of what they could have been but I'm not the one to explain every noise we heard there. I'm just about ready to go back already and hopefully get ahold of a tape recorder or a digital tape recorder or something. If you want good pictures of ORBs you should go here at least once that way you'd know if the ghost are going to show on film for you :). Ok well later I'll upload the pictures and explain what I saw and what I felt with each one.

Anyone wishing to join in on a hunt should contact me either through email or the message boards. That is about the only good sure way to find me anyways.