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Members of this page will all appear on this page. Are you brave and would like to join in on the Ghost Hunts? Do you think you can handle some stress? Do you think you got a talent for spotting ghost, hearing ghost talk, any psychic abilities? Just drop me a quick note and tell me you'd like to join in with us and we'll talk. Only those that are actually serious should apply for these positions. Your header should read "Application Ghost Hunter" that way I'll read it much quicker than anyother emails that I get.

Ladylowrider - Tonya
State - Kentucky

Chevypower - Dave
State - Michigan

VWMan - Howard
State - Michigan

Cavileer - Danielle
State - Michigan

Deathdragon - Ian
State - Michigan

Darkdragon - Mark
State - Michigan

DragonLady - Teresa
State - Michigan

Thumper - Greg
State - Kentucky

Your name could appear here also!