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More Haunting from around Michigan and abroad!

Bowers Harbor Inn
The Bowers Harbor Inn is famous for its haunting. Before becoming a resort the house belonged to an elderly couple for many years. Because the lady became quite infirm the husband had an elevator installed. The lady became rather deranged before finally dying, preceding her husband by only a few months. After that the house lay empty for several years. From the time the Bowers Harbor Inn began operating, the employees have reported seeing the wife in a second floor mirror, light switches that turn off and on by themselves, and the elevator taking unrequested trips up and down. Several times the manager has closed the place down for the evening, turning all of the lights off and locking the freezer door, only to find every light in the building (including those behind locked doors) blazing away, and the freezer door unlocked and standing open. There are also unconfirmed reports by patrons of the fireplaces lighting themselves.

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Olde World Canterbury Village
The property began as a family farm called the Haddril Farm, and later was bought by the Scripps family, who had amassed a fortune through the newspaper business. Mr. Scripps bought it as a hobby, and soon developed it into a major farm of about 3,000 acres. During this time, many people lived and worked at the farm which Scripps called Wildwood. There was supposedly a cook named Minnie that was born on the farm and lived her life there. Her presence has been reported in what is now called the Canterbury Tails store. A local psychic, James, has found several other ghosts including Mrs. Scripps, who is said to have been seen by several people over the years as a woman in white, walking about the grounds. Many workers at this site have claimed to hear odd noises in the buildings, and have witnessed items, such as lights, being turned on randomly . One worker was locked in a basement room, and despite his best efforts, could not even budge the door. Finally, the general manager came to his aid only to find that the door was unlocked and opened easily. There is a rumor that a family cemetery was somehow lost when a man planned to develop the property. This occurrence could be the cause for some of the paranormal disturbances on the site.

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Ardmore Center
An abandoned psychiatric center, this location is said to be haunted by several different apparitions. In the back parking lot, many have reported to see children playingchildren from the 60s. It Is said that if one drives by, they may see the image of an old man wearing a flannel shirt in one of the windows. Upon inspection, the man is said to slowly move away. Hidden behind several trees, the building appears to be illuminated at night.

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Waverly Hill Tuberculosis Sanitarium
During the early twentieth century, Louisville had the highest tuberculosis rate in the country, so a hospital was opened. Many of the patients remained here until they died. The dead bodies were pushed down tunnels to the bottom of the hill where they were then carried off and buried. After the vaccine for tuberculosis was discovered, the hospital became a nursing home that is also now closed. Now, an elderly woman may be seen running from the building with bleeding risks and ankles; she begs for someone to get her out of that place. Many have also seen people peeking out of third floor--the residential ward--windows.

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Owsley Co. Kentucky - Many sightings of a very large Beast. A lot of the older folks that live here can tell you about it. They have seen it at one point or another in there life. Just as I did when I was just a small boy. I was in the house and the dog started barking outside from the front porch of the house. I went out on the porch to make him shut up and and saw it sitting in the lane of the driveway. One of my uncles took off after it with a shotgun but it went into the hills and got away from him. It's strange because it don't seem like it is there to hurt anyone or anything. But there was one time when another of my uncles (Herman) was coming home late one evening and met up with it in the lane and the next thing that he remembered was waking up in the hospital the next day. He said that he saw something on the side of the lane and went over to see what it was and it knocked him flat down and out. To my knowledge noone has seen this thing during the day but I'll have to check it out with some more of the older people and see if they might have seen it in the light to get a description of the beast!

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me and a friend stopped at a old grave yard on the way to work when we first got there we saw a woman standing in a wedding dress on a tombstone with our naked eye's!
Then we went further and i felt some thing real warm go up my back freddy shot it with his camera it was real black mist
I've got to believe this because my Cousin don't scare easy!
Does anyone have a clue to what a black mist can do to you? If you think that you can explain this to him I'll give you his email privately but not in the public eye. As I don't have permission to do so and he isn't online a lot so....

Submitted by Greg A.K.A Thumper or Iluv2fish

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Well this is one I can't explain in no mannor. I kinda got involved with someone that is into practicing the Black Arts and well let's put it this way. When me and this other friend were messing with him and trying to make him leave us alone he said that he'd get us basically. Well the female involved in this is a dear friend of mine it's just that I'm not using any names that way nobody knows who I'm really talking about. The Male that is into the black arts and is Wiccan is something not to mess with. As he has been in the girls dreams doing things that have terrified her grately. Like she had this dream about how two of his friends had kidnapped her and drugged her and she passed out. Well when she awoke she was strapped to a table at her wrist and ankles. There were many around her they all wore black robes and had there heads covered and the girl was in all white. Then two more figures came into the room and one must have been high in the ranks or how ever it is with the Wiccan's. The one pulled his hood off and it was the person that has been taunting her along. The other figure said that I now pronounce you eternaly bonded. There was a lot of other things too but she would rather I didn't post the things that have happened now we are trying to fend off what ever it is. The guy thinks that he is satan himself and he isn't as far as I'm concerned anyways. Now if you think this is weird I'll have the girl post what all else has happened to her in the forums. It just goes to show you that you never know exactly who your talking to or dealing with online! Take it as a warning if you don't want to get caught up in something like this!

I should make a new catagory for this type of story! I will do this and transfer this story to that page just as soon as I get it done!

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Me an my mom were sitting in her flower garden one day pulling weeds and Cybil (mom's next door neighbor) came over to where we were. she had been crying and mom asked her what was wrong she told us she wanted us to look at some pictures she had just had developed. She said she found the film laying in the back of one of her drawers in her mobile home and she thought she'd take them and get them developed and did. she got a big surprise when she got them back. In one of the pictures was a picture of her mother with a light blue cloud looking back ground. I thought all the pictures were good, I couldn't understand why she was crying. I said well all these are great photos of your mom what's wrong? She said child my mother has been dead for 24 years now and when our house burned in oklahoma everything i had to remember her by was lost. She now has pics of her dead mom and d=can't explain how the film got there.

Submitted by Tonya

All stories found on this page are True Stories unless they can be proven to be Fake.