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Darkdragon's Ghost and Paranormal
Photo Gallery #1 (Ghost)


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Picture's are the respective property of the owner of the original Photograph! Always ask permission before taking any pictures no matter what your going to use them for!

Just as soon as the pictures get back today I'll post any that have Orbs, Smoke, or Mist in them because I didn't see anything on the ground around me.

Possible Ghost?

I took this picture out side of my back door when I was taking the trash out to the road. I wasn't smoking but if you look at the right side to the center of the picture you'll see mist. I checked the lense and it was clean I just got this camera and that is just what showed up when I loaded the camera software and downloaded the images into the computer.


Look at the above picture. Tell me what you see in the right side of the door toward the top of it! If you look really closely you will see what I saw when I uploaded it and imported it to my Photo Suite! There is a face in the right side of the door we didn't see this when we were looking at the door! We had just met up with some other ghost hunters at the time this Photo was taken! I can't remember the names though I'm sorry I was going to give them because I do got a good picture of all of them I'd like to use here on the site! If you remember me please email me on the contact me page :) ... This picture was taken on August 19.2001 @ 21:41.08 site Eloise Asylum!


This is the same image as above. Look at the detail in the photograph. It really does look to me like he is reading something maybe a newspaper or something to that effect.


Well what do you see to the left of my buds foot? I see a orb that just popped up when I said stop I want a picture and boom there it was! This is a picture of Deathdragon FYI :)


Well it's a sure fire orb again! Look to the right side of the fire station it is rather large! I felt a overwhelming urge to just snap the pictre there and that is what showed up. I'm not sure what made me do it but I did it and got the orb just as plain as day!

I took around 96 pictures last night. If any have anything in them I'll post them on this page.

Picture's above are all copywrite Darkdragon's Ghost and Paranormal. Please don't steal! Ask me before taking any photo's from this page and do not use them on any other websites with permission first thanks.

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