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I love my pets! On this page I'll describe them and their special place in my life.


This is my dog! His name is Piglet, you know from Pooh. This dog is slightly over weight, but then again he's been neutered hence that is why he is heaver than a normal mini-pincher.

My dog Piglet.


A picture of Patches!

This cat looks totally normal don't he? Well he is far from the normal cat that most people think he is when they see his picture. While this picture was taken at one of his more normal moments he is wild. He will just walk up to your feet and start rubbing like there isn't any tommorow. He will attack you just if your walking anywhere in the house. Now you tell me do you really think that he is a normal cat?


This cat is a mellow sit in your lap type cat! All he'd rather do is just sit in you lap, and let you run him.

A picture Bigfoot!